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Question - In 2017, Marigold Corp., issued for $102 per share, 86000 shares of $100 par value convertible preferred stock. One share of preferred stock can be converted into three shares of Marigold's $25 par value common stock at the option of the preferred stockholder. In August 2018, all of the preferred stock was converted into common stock. The market value of the common stock at the date of the conversion was $30 per share. What total amount should be credited to additional paid-in capital from common stock as a result of the conversion of the preferred stock into common stock?





Reference no: EM132280291

Controlling the weight of a box of cereal

As a quality analyst you are also responsible for controlling the weight of a box of cereal. The Operations Manager asks you to identify the ways in which statistical qualit

Determine discount on bonds payable at date of issuance

On January 1, 2014, Jack Company issues $4,717,000, 7%, 10-year bonds for cash of $3,835,239 when the market rate of interest is 10%. The bonds pay interest semi-annually on J

Journal entries-percentage of completion method

Record the journal entries for each year using the % of completion method. Show the partial accounts on the December 31 balance sheet for each year. Show the January 1 to Dec

Tax forms to the federal government

Mary bought 100 share of Ford Motor Company stock in 2008 at $40 per share. It is now values in 2010 at $50 per share. How much tax liability will Mary have when she submits

Beginning inventory and purchases

A company reports the following beginning inventory and purchases for January. On January 26, 355 units were sold. What is the cost of the 160 units that remain in ending in

Should kathy withhold fica taxes fica taxes

Kathy owns and operates a grocery store as a sole proprietor. She pays wages to her husband Joe and their 17-year-old daughter Marla, both of whom work at the store. Should

Indicate which of the adjusting entries may be reversed at

The following list of accounts and their balances represents the unadjusted trial balance of Alt Company at December 31, 2014: Record the necessary correcting and adjusting en

What would be the impact on total fund balance

ACC 410 week 3 quiz 2 - Why would a government be more likely than a not-for-profit organization to integrate its budget into its accounting system and what would be the impac


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