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1. What is the claim, or thesis, of this essay? Is the writer's position clear? Copy it word-for-word here, and let the writer know if you have any suggestions.

2. Who is the specific argument that the writer is responding to in this piece? (Summarize it in a few sentences.)

3. What specific evidence does the writer offer in support of his/her thesis? (It's OK to make a list of the points they raise.) Do you have any suggestions that would help strengthen this portion of the essay?

4. Does this writer effectively refute objections from a skeptical reader? (Writer should mention one or two cotmterarguments and refine them.) Discuss.

5. Structure: Does the writer's essay seem to be unified? Is there a clear introduction, in which the reader is introduced to the issue and the thesis is presented? Do ALL paragraphs have clear topic sentences/transitions? Scan the paper for these basic organizational issues and offer advice/feedback.

6. General: What are die strengths of the essay as it is presented now? Are there stylistic suggestions for the draft? Is it formatted correctly (heading, title, etc.)? Do you have any further recommendations for this person?

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Reference no: EM13263288

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