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You were assigned to manage a product development project for an insurance company. The project hadbeen underway for several months when the current project manager left the company. You have beenmanaging the project for 9 months now and the project completion target date is 3 months away.

Many of the project stakeholders are still bringing change requests and insist that you add the changes to the project requirements. You explain that you cannot add the requested changes to this release because it willimpact the budget and the project time line. However, they communicate that the old project manageraccepted the changes with no problem.

After reviewing the project charter, you realize that the charter and project plan were not completed and signed off by all the stakeholders.

Based on the scenario, answer the following questions:

  • What steps should you take to correct this issue?
  • What project management component was missing from the project plan?
  • What are the processes that are a part of this component and what are the key outputs that are essential to control change requests and manage requirements?


Answer in 2-3 pages



Reference no: EM13761175

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