What problems does lancaster want adp to address

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Question: The report should address the case questions provided below Be sure to thoroughly and distinctly answer each of the questions. Papers should be 3-4 pages (no less, no more), double-spaced with 12-point font. Include a cover page with your name, date and case title.

Always submit as a WORD doc.

• Individual Case Analysis Assignment I: "Black & Decker -Eastern Hemisphere and the ADP initiative" (Due Sep. 25).

1. Since arriving in Singapore, Lancaster has formulated several opinions about the health of the Eastern Hemisphere organization. What are his concerns both now and for the future?

2. What problems does Lancaster want ADP to address?

3. What concerns do Asian managers have about ADP? How substantive are these concerns?

4. What action should Lancaster take: wait, go ahead with a hybrid or full speed ahead with the U.S. version of ADP?

Reference no: EM132235185

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