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1. If you have personal access to a company with international operations, try to conduct some interviews and find out about the personal interactions involved in working with the organization's counterparts abroad. In particular, ask questions about the nature and level of authority and decision making in overseas units compared with headquarters. What kinds of conflicts are experienced? What changes would your interviewees recommend?

2. Do some research on monitoring and reporting issues facing an MNC with subsidiaries in (1) a country in Asia, and (2) a country in South America. Discuss problem areas and your recommendations to the MNC management as to how to control potential problems.

Reference no: EM131013283

Explain how to manage potential issues

Explain how to manage potential issues that may arise while building your diverse workforce and propose solutions to ease the transition within your scenario organisation. S

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Please choose three people to interview for this assignment. Before the interview, based on your reading and listening so far, prepare a few questions to ask each person,

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Why is marketing ethics a strategic consideration in organizational decisions? Who is most important in managing marketing ethics: the individual or the firm's leadership? Exp

Challenges of managing a virtual team

The challenges of managing a virtual team stem from the fact that a virtual team might span functional areas, time zones, geographic locations, languages, and cultures. Many


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