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Read an external how-to resource and use the following for guided reflection.

1. What kind of process writing is this; is it a process explanation or an instructional process. How do you know?

2. What is the outcome goal - what is the writer helping the reader to learn about or learn to do? Did you choose something that you know how to do, or something with which you are unfamiliar?

3. Ethics of correct instruction - does the writer include a list of materials or resources? Are there any safety considerations to take into account, and did the author make note of those?
4. What kind of transition words does the author use? What kind of organization is in the process?

5. What factual information did you learn from this process writing? If you did not learn any new information, were you able to make any connections between what you read and what you already know?

6. Vocabulary: What kind of vocabulary was present in this writing? Processes can often rely on very specific vocabulary and be difficult for people new to the topic to understand. Rate the vocabulary in this process as suitable for a beginner, person familiar with the process, or an expert. Include examples and explanations or definitions (4).

7. Quote and respond - Choose one sentence or quote from the entire essay. Copy it, with quotation marks around it, followed by parentheses with the page number that the quote is on. In a few sentences, explain why the quote caught your attention. Why is the quote important to the story or part of the story author is telling? Does it have any relevance to your own experience? Does it make you want to learn more about something?

Reference no: EM131399149

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