What kind of obstacles are you facing at work

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Question: Conduct a personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Answer the following


What advantages do you have that others do not (skills, education, experience, certifications)?

What achievements are you most proud of?

What do you do better than anyone else?

What do you think others would see as your strengths?

Do you have special connections that others may not have?

What personal resources do you have available?

Be sure to consider how others see you-not just how you see yourself.


Are there tasks you avoid doing because you do not feel confident doing them?

Do you have any negative work habits (often late, disorganized, easily stressed)?

Do you feel confident about your skills, experience, and education?

Do you have any personality traits that might hold you back? For example, do you have a fear of public speaking, yet work where you are expected to conduct regular meetings?

Again, consider how others see you.


Do you have a network of influential contacts that can help or offer advice? Is there a need in your company or industry that no one else has been able to fill? Are there trends in your company that you can use to your advantage? Can you offer solutions to problems within your company?


What kind of obstacles are you facing at work?

Are there co-workers/colleagues competing with you for positions or projects?

Has the nature of your job changed?

Does technology pose a threat to your position?

Do any of your weaknesses pose a threat?

What threats to your overall plan are there?

Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, identify strategies that you can use to capitalize on your strengths and open up opportunities, and address ways you can minimize areas of weakness and eliminate threats. Consider asking a trusted peer or friend to review your SWOT analysis and provide you with honest feedback. Analyze the feedback you receive and include that analysis in your assessment. Were there aspects of the feedback that surprised you?

Format as a research paper following current APA guidelines for both style and citing sources. Please include sub-titles as well and complete paragraphs.

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Reference no: EM13849184

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