What is this movement called transcendentalism and why

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I want you to write a two page 700 words paper that address the following:

You are an American Transcendentalist in 2016. What is this movement called Transcendentalism, and why is it important? Write your paper as if you are defining the movement to someone who knows nothing about it, but someone who wants to know everything about it. Your paper should be about what is happening now, in 2015, but should also stay close to the dictates of what Transcendentalism meant to the people when it was first introduced in the 19th century. Write about things that are happening now, but use the context of the 19th century to explain why those things fit within your definition of the movement. And be creative. I want you to be original on this one, so there isn't much need to use quotes from the book. Basically I want you to act as if you are the one creating the movement and you are trying to recruit members to it.  What is this thing, Transcendentalism?  You MUST write about relevant cultural moments that are happening now, that have happened recently, and that give strength to your definition.  You can go over two pages, but don't go under. There's really not a wrong answer to this, so be as creative as possible. And also, even though you don't need to use quotes from the book, you do need to stay close to how the book discusses Transcendentalism.  Just give it a 2016 makeover.

Reference no: EM131227443

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