What is the probability of having a child with o type blood

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1) Leber's optic neuropathy is a genetic disease caused by a mutated gene carried in mitochondrial DNA. What would be the phenotype of their first child if a man with this disease married a woman who did not have the disease? What would be the result if the wife had the disease and the husband did not?

A. In either case, their first child would have the disease, but all subsequent children would not.

B. In either case, their first child and all other children would have the disease.

C. In the first case the child would be affected, but not in the second case.

D. No children would be affected in the first case, all children would be affected in the second case.
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2) A male with blood type IAIO marries a female who has blood type IAIB. What is the probability of having a child with O type blood?

A. 100%

B. 50%

C. 25%

D. 0%

Reference no: EM13141305

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