What is the optimal stocking level

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Henrique Correa’s bakery prepares all its cakes between 4am and 6am so they will be fresh when customers arrive. Day old cakes are virtually always sold, but at a 50% discount off the regular $10 price. The cost of baking a cake is $6, and demand is estimated to be normally distributed, with a mean of 25 and a standard deviation of 4. What is the optimal stocking level?

Reference no: EM13495331

Prepare a business project plan

The project plan aims to ensure you have an appropriate, achievable business project and sets down the key milestones that must be a will be working with another member of t

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Prepare a decision tree using the method described in the textbook or any method for a capital investment project to compare acquisition of a competitor with five-year prese

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Describe the project that will be the basis for your final project - Create a Network diagram of the logical sequence of all activities and describe the tasks that you would n

Characteristics or attitudes of a project manager

Explain with anecdotal evidence your top three qualities as project manager. Identify and explain three characteristics/attitudes of a project manager that may lead to project

Hr manager and characteristics

Analyze how HR can be used effectively to work cohesively with an organization's business strategy and explain what steps you could take to ensure flawless execution.

How would you identify a key stakeholder

How would you identify a key stakeholder? Then, once you have identified that key stakeholder, how would you determine which form of communication to use? Can (and should) y

Explaining international virtual teams management

Discuss International virtual teams management ,the problems of communication, tasks, conflict resolution, solutions and good practices managers must consider.

Are these advantages sustainable against the competition

What is the mission of the firm? What business is it in? How well is its mission understood throughout the organization? Five years fromnow, what business does it wish to be


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