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Part 1 - Please research, write, and submit a paper that clearly addresses the following questions:

• What was the Euro's behavior in the five business days after the announcement of "Brexit"?

• What was the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's behavior in the five business days after the announcement of "Brexit"?

• What was the response of German political and business leaders to the announcement of "Brexit"?

• What was the response of the German public to the announcement of "Brexit"?

• How might the German business community take advantage of any opportunities presented by "Brexit"?

• Four pages minimum, five pages maximum.

Any statements that you make or analyses that you present that are not your own must be properly quoted and cited

Part 2 -

1. Why do people invest in the financial markets and what are the best type on institutions for them to work with. Consider, which type you would choose and why.

2. Why do investors sometimes short positions, give an example

3. Describe what a portfolio of 100k in assets would look like if you were investing it for yourself?

4. Describe what Indexes are and why we use them as benchmarks?

5. What is the concept of Market efficiency, do you believe it?

6. What happens to the efficient market theory when the market is effected by an event such as Hurricane Sandy?

7. Describe the process you would use, (including the three steps) if you were advising your parents on investing their 100k of investible dollars.

8. What is portfolio risk and why do investors accept it at various levels?

9. Describe (chapter 6) an investor's optimal portfolio.

10. What is a passive vs. active portfolio? Describe what type of investors might be interested in each option and why.

Reference no: EM131135633

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