What is the coefficient of coincidence

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Assume that investigators crossed a strain of flies carrying the dominant eye mutation Lobe on the second chromosome with a strain homozygous for the second chromosome recessive mutations smooth abdomen and straw body. The F1 Lobe females were then backcrossed with homozygous smooth abdomen, straw body males and the following phenotypes were observed: smooth abdomen, straw body 820 Lobe 780 smooth abdomen, Lobe 42 straw body 58 smooth abdomen 148 Lobe, straw body 152 (a) Give the gene order and map units between these three loci - draw the map!. (b) What is the coefficient of coincidence?

Reference no: EM1397826

Describe methods and the results of dobzhansky experiments

Dobzhansky's laboratory experiments studying mating behavior evolution in the fruit fly Drosophila subobscura provided a striking example of how natural selection operates.

Determine the allele frequencies after one generation

Think about a population in which the frequency of allele A is  p = 0.7 and the frequency of allele a is q = 0.3, and in which  the alleles are codominant.

Discuss the connected pathways of the bodys systems

Discuss the connected pathways of the body's systems: The body's systems are interrelated in structure and function. Describe the specific relationships they have with one a

Consider the meaning of the term ecology

Consider the meaning of the term "ecology." How do the ideas of energy and chemical cycles, community structure, biodiversity and succession fit together to form the basis o

Find potential difference between initial and final points

Two parallel plates, separated by 0.20 m, are connected to a 12-V battery. An electron released 3) from rest at a location 0.10 m from the negative plate. When the electron

Provide physiological reason for dissatisfaction

You are trying to find a restaurant to take your great grandmother for Mother's Day. You have taken her to several places in town, but she is rarely satisfied with the food sh

What you know about the structure of organic compounds

A clerk in a health-food store tells you“natural” vitamin C extracts are better than synthetictablets of this vitamin. Given what you know about the structure of organic compo

How many sunflowers were in the plot

Review the results from the sunflower random sampling activity. a.According to the random sampling method, how many sunflowers were in the plot? (2 points)b. According to th


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