What is ntp and what are clock strata

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On modern networked computers, maintaining the correct time on each machine is important. Computers on a LAN or WAN with different times can cause problems.

In about a page and in your own words explain why it is important for computers to maintaining the correct time and more importantly ex-plain how do they do it.

In your explanation make certain to include discussions on the follow-ing linked topics:

• The computer's hardware clock (also called the Real Time Clock or RTC)

• The computer's software clock (also called the kernel or system clock)

• In Linux, how they are syncronised and why do they need to be syncronised? Which is more accurate (with NTP and without NTP)?

• What is UTC and why is it used? (UTC: Coordinated Universal Time, or Temps Universel Coordonné, and if you want-you can explain what is going on with the acronym!)

• What is NTP and what are "clock strata"?


a. The topics above are linked to each other and the question, they are not independent of each other. They are provided as a minimal guide only. Do not simply write an unconnected paragraph on each without linking the concepts together.

b. The question being asked is "...why is it important for computers to maintaining the correct time..." please be certain to answer this question.

c. List all resources used in answering this question.

d. Please do not cut and paste slabs of text from a Wikipedia article. The question explicitly says in your own words!

e. Please do not fall into the trap of answering the question by us-ing unexplained technical terms-you must explain all technical terms used especially if they have not been used anywhere else in the course.

Reference no: EM13951208

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