What effect adoption of jit have on design of control system

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Describe how a just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing system is fundamentally different from a conventional manufacturing system. List two primary financial benefits associated with a shift to JIT manufacturing. What effect does the adoption of JIT have on the design of management accounting and control systems?

Reference no: EM13876938

Explain who is liable in given condition

Clover sued Zulliger and, under the doctrine of respondeat superior, Snowbird, claiming that Zulliger had been acting within the scope of his employment. Who is liable? Expl

Business environmental analysis and impact

You have applied for a job as Graduate Trainee in a business organisation. The selection process is composed of three stages. In the first stage, you are required to demonstra

Kerr steamship company sent a telegram

Kerr Steamship Company sent a telegram at a cost of $26.78 to the Philippines through the Radio Corporation of America. The telegram, which contained instructions in unintel

How does national culture affect this discussion

A man was appointed president of the newly-acquired Philippine subsidiary of a large American company. He was reviewing the organization with the company's head of human re

Write a short letter to the manager of restaurant

After your visit, write a short letter to the owner or manager, explaining (1) what you did and what you observed, (2) any violations of policy that you observed, and (3) yo

Analyse the knowledge needs of an organisational situation

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to: Analyse personal and organisational situations in terms of theories of knowledge;Analyse the knowledge needs o

Critical analysis of issues in marketing for fashion brands

Title: A comprehensive and critical analysis of issues in marketing for fashion brands such as LVMH in India. Confronting issues in globalization is a daunting task but it can

Regulating carbon emissions around the world

You are managing a large virtual team of 300 individuals located across the globe. These individuals are all volunteers, each contributing on average about 5-10 hours per week


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