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Assignment: Productivity, Motivation, and Lessons Learned

As requested, you have successfully changed the organizational design of the firm to one in which there is much more customer focus. So far, the vice president (VP) is happy with the changes and gives you recognition for your hard work and dedication to the organization and its success. Based on the company's most recent survey, everyone seems to be excited and motivated about the change, including the customers. Feeling good about your accomplishments and ready for the next task, you mention to your VP that you have noticed that the people involved in the new organizational design seem to be more motivated and productive. Your VP asks you for recommendations on how to measure the success of the changes implemented. You ask your VP if there is any particular area of most interest in the return on investment (ROI) for the implemented changes. He suggests you start with some basic ROI examples in productivity, customer satisfaction, and the clarifying the cost of change in meeting or training time. This will help managers better understand the cost of change and what to expect in the next round of changes. Your boss wants the lessons learned in the knowledge management database when you are done so that it can be shared with others with a couple of ROI examples on the change investment return.

Discuss the following:

• What are the concepts and theories behind maximizing productivity and positive attitudes during the change process? Be sure to use the proper terminology in your explanation.

• What are two possible productivity measures that you would use to determine the investment value of the changes made? How would these productivity measures include why people are more motivated and productive? How would you calculate the return on time or money investment in increased motivation and productivity?

• Based on your research, what would be your final recommendations for duplication or improvement of this outcome? Provide the potential costs associated with your recommendations and the time frame in which the client should expect to see the benefits of these changes.

• Explain the reasoning and logic that helped you arrive at your final recommendation.

Reference no: EM132235148

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