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Assignment: TA (Compulsory)

1.    Define an algorithm. What are the properties of an algorithm ?

2.    Write a note on  i) devising       ii) validating        and   iii) testing of algorithms.

3.    What is a linear data structure  ? Give examples. Describe how an array is represented.

4.    Write algorithms to implement the following operations on a stack -   create, push, pop.

5.    What is a first-in-first-out data structure ?  Write algorithms to perform the following operations on it - create, insertion, deletion, for testing overflow and empty conditions.

6.    What is a graph  ?  What are the two ways of representing a graph  ?  Describe with the help of illustrative examples.

7.    What is a circular queue ?  Write algorithms to implement the insertion and deletion operations.

8.    Write an algorithm to find the roots of a quadratic equation.

9.    Design an algorithm to check whether a  given string is a palindrome or not.

10.  Develop an algorithm to generate all the prime numbers between the given 2 limits.

Assignment:  TB (COMPULSORY)


I. Say whether the following statements are true or false.

1) Definiteness is one of the properties of an algorithm.

2) Graph is a linear data structure.

3) A tree is a connected graph.

4) The data structure used by recursion is stack.

5) Queue works on the strategy "First in First out".

II. Using suitable word or phrase fill up the blanks in the following sentences:

1) _____________is the process of executing a correct program on data sets and measuring the time and space.

2) Tree is a_____________data structure.

3) For a graph with 'n' number of nodes the number of edges to form a tree is _____________

4) "Last in First out" Data structure is referred to as _____________

5) A binary tree of depth 'K' has maximum of_____________number of nodes.

6) A _____________is a graph without self loop and parallel edges.

7) The two methods of searching are_____________and_____________

III. Write brief answers to the following questions:

1) Define algorithm. What are its properties?

2) Give atleast four real life examples where we use stack operations.

3) Differentiate full and complete binary trees.

4) What are the demerits of recursion?


1. a) What are the characteristics of an algorithm? Describe with an example.

b) Write an algorithm to implement any three operations of a queue.

2. a) Describe the two methods of representing a graph.

b) Design an algorithm to generate all prime numbers between 10 and 20.

3. a) Trace out the algorithm Max Min on a data set containing atleast 8 elements.

b) Design an algorithm to sort the elements using merge sort.

4. What are preorder, Inorder, postorder traversals of a binary tree? Design recursion algorithms to implement them and explain with the help of an example.

5. a) What is binary search? Develop a recursive algorithm for binary search.

b) What are the two methods of representing a binary tree?

6. a) Design an algorithm to check whether a given string is a palindrome or not.

b) Trace out the algorithm quick sort on the data set {1,5,7,19,15,8,9, 10}.

7. a) What is validation and testing of algorithms?

b) Explain the terms with examples

i) Finite graph

ii) Isolated and pendent vertices

iii) NULL graph

iv) Path.

8. Write short notes on :

a) Debugging

b) The need for recursion

c) Incidence matrix.

Reference no: EM13338932

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