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Question: Benefits of a diverse workforce

What are some of the organizational benefits of attracting and retaining a culturally diverse workforce? How can diversity and multiculturalism support an organization's talent management strategy? What policies would you develop as an HRM to ensure your organization achieves these benefits? Use the articles and resources provided to support your ideas.

Don't forget to read over and then respond to a colleague's ideas. Be sure to include citations from at least two sources you used to develop your responses!

Question 2: Evaluating diversity programs

Part A: What are the essential components of an effective diversity program? Discuss legal and organizational cultural factors. What are some challenges organizations face in creating and maintaining successful diversity programs and how can these be overcome? Use the articles and resources provided to support your ideas.

Part B: Select an organization and explore their diversity program. It could be an organization you have worked for, one you are familiar with, or one you are curious about. Describe the major components of their diversity program and what makes it effective. Include the website in your reference list.

Once you've posted your thoughts, respond to a colleague's ideas.

Reference no: EM132233901

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