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Vitruvian Physician Partners

CFO, Vitruvian Physician Partners
COO/VP Operations, Vitruvian Physician Partners
VP Contracting, Vitruvian Health Plan
CFO, Vitruvian Health Plan
VP Contracting, Vitruvian Physician Partners
VP Sales and Marketing, Vitruvian Health Plan
Individual Deliverable
Each student, in the role of a senior management team member attending the retreat, will offer his/her assessment of

the influence of Doc Vinny's personality and leadership style on their organization's culture.
the impact and anticipated changes of how your organization will function during the shift to new technology.
Doc Vinny's plans as they relate to VPP's and VH's product and services offerings model.
how the VHP plans to fill the vacancy left by Doc Vinny assuming his new roles with Vitruvian, Inc. and VPP.
Each student should prepare a written statement of their assessment from the specific perspective of the role they assumed.

Group Deliverable
The group will debate the issues contained in the individual assessments in the small group discussion area. The group leader will submit a brief Executive Summary and Conclusion Statement based upon the result of the debate.

Objective: Differentiate between the organizational structures of various types of health care organizations.
Explain the relationship between organizational structure and health care delivery, particularly as it relates to services and management.

Reference no: EM1334455

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