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? The purpose of this assignment is for you to VISUALIZE A HISTORY using the web-based tool, Timeglider (or comparable free software).

? Complete a web-based Historical Timeline concentrating on a ten-year period during the period 1945 - 1985. You are urged to use, which has a free student registration option. You must also include a short 1000 word (approx. 4 pages, double-spaced) explanation of your history along with your timeline.

? Each timeline must include at least 10 events. Each event should include a reference to the bibliographic source in the annotation or URL link.

? YOU MUST REFERENCE AT LEAST 4 (FOUR) DIFFERENT RESEARCH SOURCES. No, four different Wikipedia pages will not cut it. Check out magazines from the period like Film Comment, Film Quarterly, Film Culture, Screen, Sight & Sound, etc. and actual books from the library.

How to work with Timeglider

? Go to Timeglider and register for the free student option
? Create Timeline by clicking "timelines" (upper left) and "New+". Name your timeline.
? Add Event by clicking on "New Event."
? Within the Event Box, you should modify the following:
? Icon (colour code)
? Name
? Start and end dates
? Importance (how important is this "event" in your history?). This adjusts event size
? Description: add a paragraph of annotation for your event
? Image: you can upload images here
? URL: use this to add links to video and/or audio materials AND for online bibliographic references
? Remember to SAVE each event!

Detailed Assignment Instructions

1. Choose a historical phenomenon within a roughly 10-year period, e.g., Cuban cinema 1965-75 or American documentary film 1960-1970, or French New Wave cinema 1959-1969, or Marxist film theory 1950-1960, or feminist cinema and theory 1975-1985, etc. Note that, although you will concentrate on a ten-year period, you may include individual entries outside the main ten-year period upon which you are concentrating.

2. Choose at least 10 SALIENT "events" for your history. Events may include films, publications (e.g., essays or manifestos from class), or events in the world (including the film world, e.g., festivals, film movements, etc.). You will be evaluated on how relevant your events are to the FOCUS of your history.

3. Add information about each event using the "Description" function. Explain why the event is important. Add your bibliographic reference here and/or in the URL function below.

4. Categorize your events using the "Icon" function. For example, you may wish to colour code "political events" and "film premieres" differently. Or "films" and "published essays." Etc. You MUST provide a Legend for your Icon categorizations in your explanation text.

5. Evaluate the importance of each event for your history using the "importance" function. Important events should be larger than less important events.

6. Add images and/or URL links to audio and video to deepen the historical information about each event for your reader. This is also your opportunity to demonstrate that you are not simply finding all of your history on Wikipedia.... For internet sources, you can add your research source here.

7. When you are finished with your timeline, go to the Timeline area à "Share" Tab à and share it by copying and pasting the public URL that Timeglider provides to you. Make sure you copy and past this URL at the top of the first page of your explanatory text.

a) you have focused and explained your historical period;
b) you have visualized your historical period using Timeglider's web-based functions;
c) you have imaginatively and ambitiously discovered connections among your "events."

Reference no: EM13257089

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