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A valuable result of task environment analysis with respect to geographic, demographic, psychographic and buyer-behavior factors is called

a) vendor profile

b) financial positon

c) competititor profile

d) customer profile

2. One of the ways to change the course of a brand is to modify the product. Under product modification, _______ adds size, weight, materials, suppliements, and accessories that expand the product's performance, versatility, safety, or convenience

a) feature improvement

b) style improvement

c) technological improvement

d) quality improvement

Reference no: EM131230970

Organizations often discuss the concept of diversity

Organizations often discuss the concept of diversity, however it many instances, these organizations simply hire a more diverse workforce. Based on this week’s readings and yo

Describe the strategic management process

Describe the strategic management process. What does it mean to manage strategically? What are the three types of organizational strategies and how are they different?

General functional features of software

Identifying the stakeholders-people who have a vested interest in the outcome of the decision-is the last step in analyzing an ethical issue. According to several court findin

Factors that would impact the demand for the product

Select a product that you can purchase at a grocery store or at a discount retailer and respond to the following: Identify the factors that would impact the demand for the pro

Job order cost system facilitates understanding

Describe in your own words how a job order cost system facilitates understanding how much it cost to produce a given unit of product – for example, a machine or a house. In wh

Quality interaction committee meeting

Recruitment and Selection The employee, a union shop steward, was on her regularly scheduled day off at home. She was called by her supervisor and told to talk to three union

Which building component do you believe is most important

Summarize the components in a building that can be used to reduce the risk of fire during the design phase. Which building component do you believe is the most important to

What ways will china culture

Share your thoughts and feelings about the new, emerging China. In what ways will China's culture. Politics, economy, and size impact your family? What about your country?


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