Using ohs examples describe the differences
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Assessment 1 - Essay :Format Length: 2000 words (plus or minus 10%) Word (or similar) digital document. Your document should be formatted with 1.5 line spacing.

Assessment 1: Essay

Learning Outcomes • Understand the importance of precision and accuracy in data collection.

Topic Scientific methods Instructions

Part 1 Using OHS examples describe the differences between;





and validity/. (word count 1000 max)

Part 2 The scientific method is a logical and rational way of investigation that helps us to organise our thoughts and procedures and generally we can identify 7 specific steps in this process, these are:

1. Observation

2. Asking a critical question

3. Developing a hypothesis

 4. Making a prediction that can be tested

5. Performing experiments to test the prediction

6. Data collecting and analysis

 7. Making a logical conclusion based on experimental results


Task: You observe that workers in a large open plan office environment tend to complain of headaches by mid-morning, particularly towards the end of the working week and the absenteeism rate amongst this group is much higher that among other employees. Describe how you would use the “7 steps” to investigate this issue. Grammar and referencing 


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In the process of determining or enquiring on any specific issue, there is a requirement of understanding some of the statistical methods in the survey process. It is very much essential to ensure that there is highest level of integrity and compliance to the requirements of the overall process so as to achieve the desired results in an objective manner and in a step which would help the management make some informed decisions.

For the purpose of understanding and developing some of the key relations the most important fact lies in understanding the requirements of the plan and the process and then knowledge of the process to implement the same in the day to day operations. One such critical issue is the occupational health hazards, which is depleting the quality of manpower in the highest level. The impact which this has on the overall manpower is enough to raise concerns over the long term sustainability of the organisation.

Hence an investigation on the same is long called for. The process of investigating on the overall reasons and the causes of such health issues would help the management to understand the overall process in a systematic manner. Hence we would be analysing some of the key terms related to this and also the overall process of investigation in this discussion.

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