Use active directory for authentication and authorization

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Why would an organization choose to use Active Directory for authentication and authorization over other solutions such as Novell Netware or a free solution such as Linux based LDAP.

Reference no: EM13209760

Determinants of unemployment duration

For the purpose of modelling the main determinants of unemployment duration (time spent unemployed), would it be preferable to have gathered data from a sample of workers wh

Why should the project manager have good negotiation skills

How can you ensure that customer expectations are met by your project team? Why should the project manager have good negotiation skills? What should a project manager do in

Define an array of 10 pointers to double-precision numbers

Next, have your program sum the numbers and store the result in a pointer-accessed location. Finally, have your program display the contents of all locations, again using po

What is the mean of the salaries

What measure of central tendency might management use to argue against a raise for an employee? f. What measure of central tendency do you think is most representative of th

Question regarding the minimum score

What is the minimum score she must recieve on the fifth test to have an overall test score average that is greater than or equal to 90? (Set up and solve an inequality to an

Design a class named rectangle to represent a rectangle

Design a class named Rectangle to represent a rectangle. The class contains: ? Two double data fields named width and height that specify the width and height of the rectang

Write a memory allocator smalloc for c strings

Write a memory allocator smalloc for C strings that uses a specialpurpose allocator for small strings but calls ma1 1 oc directly for large ones. You will need to define a s

Networking models used for communications

Assuming you resolved the beginning of this chapter's modeling activity, how would you compare the following steps taken to design a communications system to the networking


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