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Please select the "Dolce and Gabbana" market. please note that professional write up is not acceptable. you should write with using sample words like student language.

Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate and/or work with a broad and integrated knowledge and understanding of the scope, main areas and boundaries of a subject/ discipline.

Demonstrate a critical understanding of a selection of the principal theories, principles, concepts and terminology. Present knowledge that is detailed in some areas and/or knowledge of one or more specialisms that are informed by forefront developments.

Practice - Applied Knowledge & Understanding: Use a selection of the principal skills, techniques, practices and/or materials associated with a subject/discipline. Use a few skills, techniques, practices and/or materials that are specialised or advanced. Practice routine methods of enquiry and/or research. Practice in a range of professional level contexts that include a degree of unpredictability.

Generic cognitive skills: Undertake critical analysis, evaluation and/or synthesis of ideas, concepts, information and issues. Identify and analyse routine professional problems and issues. Draw on a range of sources in making judgements.

Communication, ICT and numeracy skills : Use a range of routine skills and some advanced and specialised skills in support of established practices in a subject/discipline, for example: make formal and informal presentations on standard/mainstream topics in the subject/discipline to a range of audiences. Use a range of IT applications to support and enhance work. Interpret, use and evaluate numerical and graphical data to achieve goals/targets.

Autonomy, accountability and working with others: Exercise autonomy and initiative in some activities at a professional level. Take some responsibility for the work of others and for a range of resources. Practice in ways that take account of own and others' roles and responsibilities. Work in group/ team with qualified practitioners. Deal with ethical and professional issues in accordance with current professional and/or ethical codes or practices, seeking guidance where appropriate.


CW Description - CASE Analysis


The students will need to identify a relevant case related to business / people / trend / success stories / concept. They will have to describe the case, identify the main issues, discuss and finally come up with relevant recommendations.

The students are expected to do the following for completing the course work:

Business Identification & Summary: Identify type of business and ownership; provide a clear, relevant and concise summary of the case.

Identification & Analysis of Issues: Demonstrate a clear and deep understanding of pertinent issues. Provide a thorough and insightful analysis of all issues with logical and accurate sequence.

Discussion & Recommendation: Discuss the pertinent issues and provide relevant recommendations in a logical, realistic and specific manner.

Research & Referencing: Provide extensive and relevant research. Clearly paraphrase and provide Harvard referencing style in both in-text and full list.

Students will have to use the template provided in order to produce this course work.

Writing the Report / Word limit - 1000 words

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Reference no: EM13905795

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