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Do you feel that Social Media should be used as a basis for hiring or firing an employee (why or why not)?

Answer in about two paragraphs with reference.

Must be 100-200 words and show an understanding and full development of the concepts. Must be substantive, clear, and informative (provide support).

Reference no: EM131330537

Compare these routing protcols

IPv4 routing can be separated into three types: interior gateway routing using link-state routing, interior gateway routing using path vector or distance vector, and exterio

Question regarding the project or ongoing operation

Briefly describe one or two of your current work assignments and determine whether they are projects or ongoing operations. Document your reasons for describing the assignme

How many two-level factors can be included

Starting with a 16-run 24 design, show how two threelevel factors can be incorporated in this experiment. How many two-level factors can be included if we want some informat

Question regarding the imputation tax system

A firm in Australia earns a pretax profit of $A10 per share. It pays a corporate tax of $A3per share (30% tax rate) in taxes. The firm pays the remaining $A7 in dividends to

What is the position of the first character in a string

1. What is the position of the first character in a string? 2. Which C++ function(s) return(s) the number of characters currently in a string? 3. Is the data type string par

How long does an average key search take with a single pc

How many key bits are used, if the 8 characters are randomly chosen 7-bit ASCII characters (i.e., the most significant bit is always zero)? How long does an average key sear

Verify that your implementation is self-starting

(Counter Design) Design a three flip-flop counter that counts in the following sequence: 000, 010, 111, 100, 110, 011, 001, and repeat. Verify that your implementation is se

Find the distance from the balloon to the soccer fields

To the right side of the balloon, the balloonist measures the angle of depression to the high school football field to be 62° 30'. The distance between the two athletic comp


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