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Student requirements

The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of basic project management concepts and your proficiency in using project management software to produce project documentation. In particular, the assignment focuses on the following PMBOK knowledge areas:

project integration management;

project scope management;

project time management, and;

project cost management.

Your task is to develop a PowerPoint presentation (Assignment 3) followed by a report (Assignment 5) for a major theme park company. This business has several parks around Australia and attracts approximately 200,000 families per month. The parks appeal to all types of individuals (both nationally and internationally) including children, adults, teenagers and senior citizens.

The existing corporate information systems are quite dated. Several of them utilise superceded or legacy technologies. Management reporting out of these systems is difficult to produce and general growth is constrained by the limitations of these underlying systems.

Recognising the fact that the systems are not meeting management, frontline staff or customer needs, the board has endorsed a "Digital Transformation" strategy, with the high level goal of modernising its information systems.

As an initial project, you have been requested to initiate a replacement of the Customer Relationship Management system and associated "park pass". The current application is a thick client (limited to operating on a PC), with no mobile or web capabilities. There is also no integration between the current CRM and "park pass" (a payment card that is used to access to rides and purchase refreshments and souvenirs while in the park). In addition, each park has their own customer systems, which are not integrated across parks or with other management systems. A team of analysts collate extracts monthly to produce overall performance reporting.

From the customer side, there is no way to reward families that are loyal visitors to multiple park brands. The board would like to see customer be able to use their park pass to book online and through a newly developed mobile app.

The immediate task on hand is to develop a business plan including financial modeling aspects, human resource requirements, scheduling tasks, and solution scope. The management board would like to see an integrated, up-to-date system being developed that is accessible anywhere and hosted externally, away from the company's data centre (i.e. cloud).

There are 1500 employees, made up of:

250 back office (operations, finance, etc) staff, who need insight to customer data and park performance from their primary work computers

50 park and corporate managers, who are highly mobile and primarily need performance information (e.g. customer profitability) on mobile devices

1200 park employees, who need customer insights such as cross sale and discount points at point of sale systems or on mobile devices at ride kiosks, etc.


understand the genesis of project management and its importance to improving the success of information technology projects

understand the triple constraints of project management: scope, time, cost

demonstrate knowledge of project management terms and techniques such as: project selection methods; work breakdown structures; network diagrams, critical path analysis, and critical chain scheduling; cost estimates; earned value management; motivation theory and team building apply project management software to help plan and manage information technology projects.

Your task is to develop a professional business presentation (PowerPoint Presentation) to the CEO and board of directors of the business, addressing the types of strategies the organisation should consider regarding this project. In this presentation you are expected to provide a business plan/project management document to define the project idea and an overview of costs. Your business plan/project presentation to the CEO of the business and the board of directors should include the following elements:

1. necessary assumptions and justifications about the business;

2. a summary of solutions and strategies on expanding the ICT unit to meet the problem at hand;

3. an initial estimated cost and resource structure with appropriate justifications to meet the organisational needs within the scope of the problem;

4. a schedule (Gantt chart) with key project aspects such as milestones, slack, etc to indicate how long will it take to deploy the project;

5. cost-benefit analysis, incorporating:
a. Return on Investment, with brief interpretations for non- technical board member; and

b. A Payback Analysis Scenario, with brief interpretations for non-technical board members;

6. Outline the plan of tactics and strategies as to how the project can be managed; and

7. a set of recommendations for the consideration of the CEO and the board such that they may be able to make the final decision regarding the future/implementation of this project.

Other requirements for Assignment

You are only allowed to have 16 slides including everything (marker will only mark the first 16 slides only).

You can apply logical assumptions with brief justifications as to the coverage of content you are going to present as long as you achieve the intent of the presentation. In addition to the main slides, you must also provide limited slide notes (maximum 100 words/slide) so that the markers can understand your view point and why such a presentation is developed.

There is no need for any references for this component. However, we recommend that you maintain a reference list of sources used in your research as it will help in the next submission.

The presentation can contain animation and other presentation ‘bells and whistles', but remember it is professional presentation, so it should be tailored for the Senior Management/Board of a company. Please note that the file size is restricted to 10 MB.

Reference no: EM131206922

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1. Logical and reasonable assumptions made for the project scenario 10 Excellent A perfect set of assumptions logical to the project scenario - 2. Suitability of solutions and strategies regarding ICT assessments 20 Excellent A perfect assessment of the potential solutions and impact on ICT 3. Appropriateness of overall costs and resources required to undertake the project 15 Excellent A perfect assessment of cost and resource requirement4. Development of schedule tools with key project aspects such as milestones, slack 10 Excellent A perfect schedule utilising project scheduling techniques 5. Appropriateness of cost-benefit assessment 15 Excellent A perfect cost-benefit assessment 6. Selection of appropriate plans and strategies as to how the project can be managed 20 Excellent A highly developed plan & application of Project Management Strategies 7. Set of recommendations and conclusions 5 Excellent A perfect set of management recommendations 8. A professional presentation using appropriate design elements (e.g. graphics, flowcharts, etc) 5 Excellent A perfect management presentation


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Students should complete this assignment individually. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment requirements with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to the assignment on your own.Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstances. Assignments must be submitted via the s p e c ia l link provided on the course page.

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