Threats in the external environment

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Analyze the opportunities and threats in the external environment that could have an impact on HR within the next three years. Recommend two strategies that will take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the threats. Then, select one that will provide the most value and competitive edge to your organization's HR strategies and / or programs. Be sure to justify your selection.

Reference no: EM13735025

What are the advantages and potential disadvantages of each

Identify at least two data collection tools/methods you would use to best gather information necessary to analyze the case. These can be interviews, surveys, focus groups, q

Employment law-devry

Porter, Co. has recently instituted a policy of promoting only from within its employee pool. For years, the company hired for advanced positions internally and externally.

Use the theory of motivation to explain the problem

Write a 4 page paper APA formatted paper, using a minimum of three references, describing a motivational problem which hinders goal attainment. Use the theory of motivation

Compose a strategy that an organization can implement

Examine the major benefits to an organization that allocates organizational resources towards employee relations activities. Then, specify two employee relations activities

What would be the ramifications to a firm who only staffs

What would be the ramifications to a firm who only staffs recruits using one of the methods addressed in the reading. Please explain your answer. Does an organization's "ima

Hr representative handling labor relation issues

Conduct an interview with a Labor Relations or human resources representative who handle labor relation issues regarding unions.  This interview comes from the employers' pe

How would you advise him to begin the staffing process

Provide an overview of the Taco Bell case,Identify the key issues involved,Provide your recommendations for each step of the staffing process,Determine how many to hire,Where

Compare salaries for same job in two geographic locations

From the e-Activity, compare the salaries for the same job in two (2) different geographic locations within the United States. Speculate on two (2) economic influences that


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