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Strategic Marketing Kotler

Chapter Name-Branding & Distribution Strategy

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Q1. There are three key consumer criteria that determine whether a brand association can truly function as a point-of-difference. When the Westin Stamford hotel in Singapore advertised that it was the world's tallest hotel, it attempted to create a point-of-difference (POD). Explain why the hotel may not have been successful in its attempt to create its POD. 

Q2. Tide laundry detergent maintains the same market share it had 50 years ago because of the sales contributions from its various line extensions. It can be said that Tide employs a preemptive cannibalization strategy in generating line extensions. Explain what this means and also how Tide remains successful with so many lines and extensions. Use marketing concepts to explain. 

Q3. After a trip to Peru, where you were inspired by the craftsmanship of artisans who make jewelry and decorative artifacts, you decided to establish an import business focusing on their work. How would you determine distribution intensity for your business? What mode or modes of transportation would you use to get the goods to the United States? How and where would you warehouse the goods? Explain your answers. 

Q4. Think about the confectionery category (candy, gum, and mint) and then choose a product within that category. There are many products available in stores within this category for us to consider purchasing. Confectionery products are typically sold in most distribution points (food stores, drug stores, convenience stores, big box stores, department stores, etc.) The category is highly competitive and consumers buy this category on impulse so the manufacturers and retailers rely on up to the moment information at the store level to have the right candy brand in the right place for the target market.

Hershey Foods would like to launch a new chocolate candy bar targeted to teen boys.  Describe the channel strategy that would be most appropriate for the first 90 days of introduction. Discuss how the finished goods would be transported from its plant in Hershey, PA to stores across the globe. 

Reference no: EM13998240

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