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Discussion 1

"Websites versus Blogs" Please respond to the following:

· Choose either an instructor's Website or an instructor's blog and suggest two (2) approaches to which it can be used within a K-12 (all grades) or academic classroom. Provide specific examples of the recommended approach in action to support your rationale.

· From the first e-Activity, summarize the type of blogs, their audience, and their authorship. Provide the URLs. Evaluate the effectiveness of the blogs from the frequency of content posted and reader feedback.

Discussion 2

"Wikis" Please respond to the following:

· From the second e-Activity, prepare a brief appraisal summary in which you also include the URL of the wiki that you reviewed. Evaluate the effectiveness of the wiki in engaging students in collaborative learning.

· From the Other Preparation, specify the categories selected, and summarize the detail that the students would be able to view based on each category chosen. Justify your rationale for the categories selected.


· Using the Internet, research two (2) academic blogs related to your chosen topic in Assignment 1. One (1) blog must be from a K-12 academic environment and the other must be from an adult learning environment. Identify the URLs for each. Assess the degree to which blog compares to the four (4) key design decisions in Figure 8.5 of the text. Be prepared to discuss.

· Go to to search for a wiki. Select the "people's wikis only" radio button below the search box to filter your search. Enter a topic related to an academic area of interest, and select and review a wiki of your choice for content. Be prepared to discuss.

Other Preparation

· Create an outline for a classroom news blog that highlights the specific categories of material that eventually would be available to the audience for your class project. Be prepared to discuss.

Reference no: EM131400651

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