State whether the standardized test statistic

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Determining if null hypothesis will be rejected for given test statistics
State whether the standardized test statistic χ2 allows you to reject the null hypothesis for a two-tailed test with χ2 = 8.907 and R = 32.852.
χ2 = 7.294
χ2 = 31.356
χ2 = 34.222
χ2 = 9.345

Reference no: EM13117729

Estimate the maximum error in the calculated surface area

The circumference of a sphere was measured to be 83000 cm with a possible error of 050000 cm. Use linear approximation to estimate the maximum error in the calculated surfac

Problem on martingale calculation

Let (Xn) be adapted to (Fn) with 0 ≤ Xn ≤ 1. Let α, β > 0 with α + β = 1. Suppose X0 = x0 and P(Xn+1 = α + βXn|Fn) = Xn, P(Xn+1 = βXn|Fn) = 1 - Xn

Identify the shape of each face

Identify the shape of each face. Tell the number of congruent faces. Refers to standards 2.G.1 and 2.G.2 Use the sets below to answer the question. What rule did Ray use to

What was the size of each payment

Suppose payments were made at the end of each month into an ordinary annuity earning interest at the rate of 6%/year compounded monthly. If the future value of the annuity a

Homeomorphism of sphere

Let x and y be points on the sphere. find a homeomorphism of the sphere with itself which takes x to y. Work the same problem with the sphere replaced by the plane and by th

What is your expected winning in this game

Assume that you toss a fair coin 5 times. What is the probability that you get 5 heads? (Show work and write the answer in simplest fraction form) What is the probability of

How should the string be cut so that the sum

A 25-inch piece of string is cut into two pieces. One piece is used to form a circle and the other to form a square. How should the string be cut so that the sum of the area

France declarations of human and civic rights

To write a reflection piece, examine the three documents: The U.S. Constitution (1787), France's Declarations of Human and Civic Rights (1789), and the United Nations The Un


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