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Instructions: Read this very carefully. In one Excel file create two sheets.  Label  one  sheet "Problem 1" and label the second sheet "Problem 2."  Your  solutions to the two  problems should  be recorded on the corresponding sheet. Additionally, you should clearly label each  part  of  the  problems with (a), (b),  etc.,  and  every  computation  should  be  labeled.  For  example,  in  the  cell  next to the mean of the data, you should have typed the word mean or average.Be sure to do your computations using Excel. Do not do computations using Table A or on a calculator and then type the answers into Excel.
1. Breast-feeding mothers secrete calcium into their milk. Some of the calcium may come from their bones, so mothers may lose bone mineral. Previous research shows that the average percent change in mineral content for breast-feeding mothers is µ = -4% with standard devi- ation σ = 2.5%. Researchers suspect that mothers who drink at least 8 ounces of milk per day while breastfeeding (milk-drinking mothers) lose less bone mineral. They measured the per- cent change in mineral content of the spines of 52 milk-drinking mothers during three months of breastfeeding. The data is contained in the Excel file that accompanies this worksheet.
(a) Make a histogram of the data (use class sizes of 1.5 or 2) to see that they appear to follow an approximately Normal distribution.(b) Consider the question: Do milk-drinking mothers lose less bone mineral than all breast-feeding mothers? State the null and alternative hypotheses in terms of mean percent change µ in mineral   content.(c) Find the z test statistic.(d) What is the P -value for your  z?(e) What do you conclude about the population of milk-drinking   mothers?
2. Most professional athletes will agree that resources (money, equipment, etc.) matter when it comes to success in sports. One way to measure a country's success in sports would be to count the total number of medals won by athletes from a country in the Olympics. We know that the average number of medals won by countries in the 2012 Summer Olympics was 11.4. Countries not classified as first world countries have fewer resources to aid in the training of their athletes. A random sample of countries with fewer resources was chosen and the total medal count from the 2012 Summer Olympics was   recorded.
(a) Consider the question: Do countries with fewer resources win fewer medals in the Olympics? State the null and alternative hypotheses relative to this  question.(b) Find the t test statistic.(c) What is the P -value for your t?(d) Is the data significant at significance level α = 0.05?

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Reference no: EM13868124

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