Sketch the context for second wave of u.s. immigration

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Sketch the context for, define, and tell the significance/after-effect of each, in terms of late-19th & early-20th-century American history & culture: from Sinclair book (The Jungle)

1- "second wave" of U.S. immigration (1845-1924)

2- Taylorism vs. "speeding-up the gang" & pacemakers (1880s-1930s)

3- "embalmed beef", "potato flour" & "patent medicines"

give the context for, define, and tell the significance/after-effect of each of the following, in terms of 20th-century US culture/history: from Englehardt book (The End of Victory Culture)

1- Cold War (1947-90)

2- McCarthyism (1950s)

3- atom-bomb shelters (1945-1960s) & "duck and cover" drills (1951-1960s), vs. "overkills" (1960s-80s)

4- Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (passed 1964, repealed 1970

Reference no: EM131340947

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