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Design a switched network to compliment your routed network. Each department will require five switches that will plug into the router cards. Your will be running 100 MB service from the router to the switch and 100 MB from the switch to the users. Provide a comprehensive plan, along with network diagrams that will portray your plan. Please use the lab simulation to test your commands for accuracy. Current Departments Switch Requirement

Department A 5
Department B 5
Department C 5

Provide Network Diagrams for each department.

Write a 1-2 page paper and draw a network diagram that will be inserted into a Word document to be presented to your manager - who has a technical background - that details your plan and your timeline for implementation. Include your proposed network changes and a two-sentence outage message that will be sent by a broadcast email to the affected users. Also include other concerns about this change and other departments that should potentially be contacted before the change.

Reference no: EM1371791

Opportunities and challenges of electronic commerce

Write a 4-5 page description of the steps businesses need to follow to create an online presence, the required skills and tools and the opportunities and challenges of elect

Compute maximum throughput rate-host can achieve in network

Consider a 100mbps token ring network with 10 stations having a ring latency of 50¹s. Calculate the maximum throughput rate that one host can achieve in the network.

What are the three main types of network media

Question 1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of network processors, such as hubs, switches, routers, and gateways? Question 2: What are the three main types of networ

Explain connecting selected pcs to a network

While working at a customer's site, you realize that the customer could increase productivity by connecting selected PCs to a network. Mentioning this fact to the customer s

Has this network been sub-netted

Assume a host computer has the following configuration: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: a. What is the Class of this network?

Criteria a company chooses for use edi and an extranet

When a company opens a private market space, it may use EDI, an extranet, EDI/Internet, various web services, XML or just the Internet with regular encryption.

What companies are delivering cloud services

Defend your position or thinking! A good starting point for this discussion would be a clear definition of the 'cloud,' if one can be had. What companies are delivering clou

Retrieve the name resolution policy table rule

Install a virtual instance of Windows Server using VirtualBox ( Using PowerShell, retrieve the Name Resolution Policy Table rule that is configured


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