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Project Proposal Outline and Summary

I need assistance/guidance for an outline/short summary project proposal for a two week graduation college trip flying to Germany arriving September 22, 2012, then by train to France by September 26, 2012, followed by train to Italy on October 2, 2012. Trying to see the major sights in each of the countries, i.e., tour of Mercedes Benz, breweries and wineries in Germany, then the Ifle Tower, Notre Dame and so forth (more research on major cites here). We need family stuff as some children, youngest 7, will be accompanying us (around 12 total with 3 being kids, ages 14, 10, & 7). We plan to stay in a nice resort with all amenities offered.

Project performance: List the desired outputs from the project. Specify the performance criteria for the project.

Project scope: A statement of work (SOW) must be developed to define what is and what is not included in the project.

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Reference no: EM1343252

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