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Define a function called all_above(), which takes a sequence of numbers and an optional minimum value, and determines if every number in the sequence is larger than the given minimum value. If the minimum value is left out, it should default to 0.So for example, all_above( [1, 2.72, 3.14, 1.41], 1.2), all_above( (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2) ), and all_above( [5, 10, 15], 5 ) should all return False, but all_above( (1, 2.72, 3.14, 1.41), 0.5) and all_above( [5, 10, 15] )should both return True.

Reference no: EM131406609

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COMP 2804 Assignment 3,  The Fibonacci numbers are defined as follows,  Assume we roll each of D1, D2, and D3 once, independently of each other. Let R 1 , R2, and R3 be the nu

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Your manager has asked you to research and recommend a writing guide that examiners in your computer forensics organization will use for all official written reports.


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