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Select a process variable (pressure / temperature / level / flow) and conduct a literature survey to determine recent developments in process instrumentation field. Identify any one novel instrument and explain in detail the working of the instrument. Description should include neat diagram, principle of working and the source of literature.

Reference no: EM13526671

Define bod concentration just downstream of discharge point

If the stream has a cross-sectional area of 10 m2, what would the BOD concentration be 50 km downstream? (BOD is removed with a first-order decay rate constant equal to 0.20

Will the hemispheres come apart

The sphere is hung from the ceiling and you pull the other half with the force of your body weight. Will the hemispheres come apart? Support your answer with calculations.

Develop the full p and i diagram

A distillation column separates benzene from toluene using a control scheme similar to that shown in Figure (a). Make a practice HAZOP study of the plant section and add any

How many degrees of freedom does the system have

A chemically reactive system contains the following species in the gas phase: NH3, NO, NO2, O2, and H2O. Determine a complete set of independent reactions for this system. How

Standard rankine cycle problem using steam

This is a refrigeration cycle problem using propane (use p-H chart for propane in Appendix). 5.15 This problem is a Claude liquefaction process for methane. (Use methane p-H

The combustion of hydrogen and in the moisture

When burnt , the flue gas issuing out of the furnace at 545 oc analyses on dry basis as CO2 =14.5 % , O2 = 4.7%, N2 = 80.8 % , Other relevant data are- Gross

Materials of construction for the shell and tubes

The gases enter the condenser at 230 °C and leave at 50 °C. The cooling water enters the tubes at 20 °C and leaves at 50 °C. Suggest suitable materials of construction for t

Methane by either steam reforming

Hydrogen is manufactured from methane by either steam reforming (reaction with steam) or partial oxidation (reaction with oxygen). Both processes are endothermic. What react


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