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For this essay I would like you to choose a Scottish writer and describe what was innovative or unusual or especially perceptive about his/her work, either in the context of Scottish literature or of literature in general.
You should make some reference to the historical and /or literary period he/she belongs to, the genre, if relevant, and the major themes and style of the writer, the use of Scottish dialect or English, but the main body of the essay should focus on one or two texts, analysing them in some detail in order to support your arguments, with plentiful examples and quotes. 
You could also analyse how successful the writer was in his/her aims, and whether the works have stood the test of time, or only applied to a specific period. If you take this approach you would obviously need to explain why the work is not considered so important or so interesting nowadays, with reference to current literary trends or changes in Scottish society since then. If it is a recent work, you could attempt to predict how long its success will last.

Reference no: EM13124490

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