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A common task for system administrators is to configure critical services. This project requires that you work with a virtual installation of Windows Server (2008 or 2012) that will be promoted to a Domain Controller as well as an installation of Windows PowerShell to configure several aspects of DNS on that server. You will include a reflective paper of at least 2 pages in current APA format that details the installations, configurations, challenges, and solutions to complete the following systems administration project:

1) Install a virtual instance of Windows Server using VirtualBox ( Windows Server can be downloaded from DreamSpark ( A video showing how to install Windows Server 2012 within VirtualBox is available here:

2) Configure the Server as a Domain Controller. Steps for 2012 are here:

3) Install Windows PowerShell on the server (

4) Using PowerShell, add a Name Resolution Policy Table rule that configures the server at as a DNS server for the namespace

5) Using PowerShell, retrieve the Name Resolution Policy Table rule that is configured on the server.

The paper must utilize appendixes to reference screenshots along the way. Screenshots must identify a unique piece of information on the user's computer such as a picture and include the system date and time in each screen capture. At the minimum, screenshots must exist during the initial setup of Virtualbox, installation of the operating system, configuration of the user accounts, security updates, and firewall configuration of the new operating systems. Subsequent screenshots must exist that detail the other deliverables in each phase (e.g., such as DNS).

Reference no: EM131250963

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