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American Sand & Gravel, Inc., agreed to sell sand to Clark at a special discount if twenty to twenty-five thousand tons were ordered. The discount price was $9.45 per ton, compared with the normal price of $10.00 per ton.

Two years later, Clark orders, and receives, 1,600 tons of sand from American Sand & Gravel. Clark refuses to pay more than $9.45 per ton. American Sand & Gravel sues for the remaining $0.55 per ton. Decision?

Reference no: EM131386543

What is a pre-bid sub trade proposal

1. What is a pre-bid sub trade proposal, and of what benefit is it to the contractor's estimator? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a bid depository to (a)

Can allen recover damages from ideal milk company

Ideal's milk bottles each contained the legend ‘‘Property of Ideal-to be returned,'' and the route salesman would pick up the empty bottles when he delivered milk. Can Allen

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For the past six months you have worked on a project to develop a transportation- related software program for the city of Agropolis, a project designed to make some much ne

Assume a required rate of return and an inflation rate

Consider two projects, known as Project A and Project B. Project A requires an initial investment of $1M and is expected to last 8 years. It will have operating expenses of $2

Describing ethical considerations and ethical guidelines

Describe the ethical considerations that will factor into your discussion with coworkers and the CEO of whether to utilize the executive recruiter's services. Describe the e

Did the discipline process set forth in the manual

Did the discipline process set forth in the manual have a limiting effect on Orbach's at-will employment status and bar H-P from terminating him without following the proced

Discuss the potential costs of the system

Include why you selected that particular database or information system and how it will help improve MovieFlixs processes - Discuss the potential costs of the system to the o

Determine the discount rate

Determine the discount rate. A discount rate is the rate used in discounting future cash flows - Determine the estimated costs and benefits for the life of the project and the


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