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As we begin our course together, understanding the term, "service learning" can be very helpful in creating our foundation for future activities. A good way to acquaint ourselves with this term and its' application is to search for related scholarly literature and look at the service learning opportunities available in other settings. In order to complete this assignment, you will be asked to complete two searches and then post your information to Forum.

First, you will search for a scholarly professional journal article related to service learning, read it, and then provide information for the rest of your classmates to see.

Access the online catalogue at Kent Library and review an article from a professional journal on service learning. Second, locate a service learning website and then report information regarding that site for the rest of your classmates to see Service learning sites are frequently associated with public colleges and universities or national or governmental organiations.

To complete this assignment, you'll need to cite the journal article using APA format and then provide a paragraph summarizing the information in the article.

You'll also need to provide a web address for a service learning website and then a paragraph summarizing the contents of the website and its user friendliness.

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Reference no: EM13760279

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