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Q. Peter offers packaged spice mixes for jambalaya, gumbo also red beans also rice. Consumers can buy the product in the store, so Peter sells individual household-size packages to resellers. It also sells institutional-size packages to military bases, schools, restaurants also other large organizations. The marketers of Peter would most likely segment the business market?

Reference no: EM1389200

Crashed to meet a project deadline

a) Give the crash cost per day per activity. b) Which activities should be crashed to meet a project deadline of 10 days at minimum cost? What is the cost impact of crashing

Compare and contrast the leadership styles

Using the six key dimensions of strategic leadership, compare GM''s CEO, Roger Smith with Southwest''s Herb Kelleher and Colleen Barrett. Compare and contrast the leadership

Relative value of any of these three techniques

How does this technique compare to discounted cash flow valuation when based on either net income or dividends? What criteria might you consider useful in deeming the relati

Write a summary that critiques the given video

Write a 700-word summary that critiques the video based on your experiences. Identify those areas that you agree and disagree with the speaker. Cite specific examples to s

Explain the given theory to wanda and how it apply to staff

Select one of the motivation theories you studied in this module that you believe can be applied to the employees at Salty Pawz. Briefly explain the theory to Wanda and how

What are three ways of resisting requests to act unethically

Prepare a two to three page paper, following APA guidelines, detailing three of Common Characteristics of Poor Decision Making, three ways of Resisting Requests to Act Uneth

Phenomena of channel conflict

Select a business or industry that has experienced the phenomena of channel conflict as a result of new e-commerce initiatives. Do some web research to learn about common st

Does captain hook have recourse

Burger Prince then ran advertisements saying which its pure beef burgers were better than the Captain Hook's burgers which used filler. Does Captain Hook have recourse also


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