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– By completing this assignment, students will be demonstrating their knowledge and skills leant from week 6-12 that include:
o IPv4 and IPv6 address planning
o Wide Area Network concepts
o Wide Area Network technologies
o Implement and configure IP routing of medium complexity

Business case
ABC.COM Home Appliance Company has decided to migrate their network from IPv4 to IPv6 to meet a recent development in Internet of Thing (IoT). Due to the budget, only the company's HQ and two of its branches A and B will be migrated first. Branch C migration will be carried out next year.

You are hired by the company to perform the migration task.

The company has been allocated the following IPv6 address block to use AB12:####::/48 to use where #### are made of the last 4 digit of the your student ID.

Branch C continues to operate on IPv4 150.50.XY.0 network. (Replace XY by the last 2 digit on your student ID.

The company network topology is given bellow:


Instruction and marking scheme

To complete this assignment, you are recommended to take the steps below:

Address planning
– Work out the IPv6 subnet for the company HQ and each branch from the given IPv6 address block.
(Place the address allocation plan here)
– Create address assignment table for the company network that contain the address of each router interfaces, PCs and Servers.
(Place the address assignment table here)

IPv4 routing configuration
– Configure OSPF for routing between Branch-C and HQ router. Use IPv4
150.50.XY.0/30 for network between the routers.
(Place the configuration command here for each router. Then enter to Packet Tracer to implement a functional network)

IPv6 routing configuration
– Configure EIGRP or OSPF for the IPv6 network
(Place the configuration command here for each router. Then enter to Packet Tracer to implement a functional network)

IPv4IPv6 Network NAT-PT
– Configure HQ router for IPv4IPv6 NAT router so that the new IPv6 HQ network can access the branch C server, which has the IP address 150.50.XX.100. (Place the command here. Then enter to Packet Tracer to implement a functional network)

– Perform necessary verification to test the performance of the implemented network in packet tracer. All computers should be able to ping to any other computers on different networks and to the port on router. Use necessary screenshots of ping and show commands on computers and routers

Real deployment
– Select any two Branches of your network and implement using the Physical Cisco Routers and Switches in room D506. Only the computers are needed for implementation, the server can be ignored.
– Once you have deployed the network:
o Indicate clearly in your document that which part of the network being deployed.
o Take screen shot of the routing table of each (physical) router
o Take the screen shots on the (physical) computer showing that you can ping from one branch to another.

Reference no: EM132234737

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You have to submit this document with a working packet tracer file by the due date. The submission box is in assignment 2 content section. Requires packet tracer files and word document assesment with all steps as well should use my student number las 4 4 digit and last two digit as acc to requirement.

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