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1. To enable students to select and justify the choice of appropriate input/output devices and communication styles for interactive systems.

2. To enable students to analyze and design usable interfaces.

1. Explain and justify the need for good HCR practice.
2. Discuss the role of cognitive psychology in the design of user interfaces.
3. Select appropriate communication styles for interactive systems.
4. Perform user modelling and task analysis in the context of user interface design.

Task:-1: iCOPE (interactive computing for older person e-inclusion) design

Your task is to design an iPad app, called iCOPE which will allow older users (with possible physical and cognitive impairments due to age) to interact with on-line shopping sites in a clear, simple, personalized and consistent way.

You must choose 3 shopping sites e.g. Tesco, Amazon, Debenhams, and design an interface which would enable a user to perform typical on-line shopping activities via a common interface. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

• Searching and browsing

• Adding and removing from a cart/basket

• Checking out and payment (assume that all personal and banking details are already in the system)

It is important that although the interface is consistent, each company's image and ethos must be maintained. The users should be given a shopping experience appropriate to the one projected by the company.

You are also expected to demonstrate an alternative screen design for a user with a visual impairment beyond the usability level appropriate for your main design. What would you do to make your app accessible for them?

Your design work should be developed using a suitable software tool, which supports some form of basic interaction. These include MS PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Photoshop. The tools you use must be supported and be readily available in the University.

Each design element (e.g. a screen design) must be accompanied by a narrative rationale. You should present your designs in a range of scenarios which reflect typical tasks that you expect users to perform. It is expected that a maximum of 20 separate screen design examples should be produced.

Your work must be accompanied by a brief introductory report which summarises the following:

• Typical types of users (you can develop personas for this)
• Typical tasks and task sequences (you can use simple storyboards for this)

Your work should be of sufficient quality and detail to be used as a design specification for a later implementation by a software development specialist.

Task-2: Aims

1. To enable students to evaluate interactive systems from a usability perspective.

1. Perform user modelling and task analysis in the context of user interface design.
2. Perform usability evaluations of interactive applications.


In this assignment, you are given the opportunity to evaluate a user interface prototype which was designed according to the brief given in assignment 1A.

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Reference no: EM13709673

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