Overview of the hospital emergency incident command system

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Reading Assignment

In your textbook, carefully study Chapter 10 (pages 116 through 131) and Chapter 11 (pages 132 through 139).

Suggested Real-World Project

To increase your knowledge of the field, visit the fire, police, or National Guard haz mat unit for the purpose of learning about the protective clothing worn during hazardous material incidents by first responders. Your interest might focus on (1) street clothing and work uniforms; (2) structural firefighters' protective clothing; (3) positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA); or (4) chemical protective clothing and equipment.

IMPORTANT: This project is optional. You are not required to complete this project. Please do NOT send this project to the school for grading.

a Mandatory Graded Assignment

To increase your knowledge of the field, go to the internet and locate HEICS at the following web site:

You have just read an overview of the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS). Your writing assignment is to choose a category of knowledge that gives more detail or expands on what you have already learned about HEICS in your text. Don't tell us what you already know after studying this lesson. Instead, discuss something new that was not covered in your text. Your essay should be at least 2 pages in length.

This assignment must be a neat, professional presentation on this subject. Proper punctuation, spelling, and usage of grammar are imperative.

IMPORTANT: This project -Lured. You must complete this project. Please send this project to the school for grading. Complete and attach a Submission and Evaluation Form provided with this Learning Guide. If you fail to attach the form to your assignment, your work will not be accepted.

Book: Mass Casualty and High-Impact Incidents

An Operations Guide  - Hank Christen & Paul M Maniscalco ISBN 0-536-85739-3

Pearson Printice Hall

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This is a 600 words assignment that talks about The Hospital incident command system. It is basically a command system that responds to the emergency incident in hospital along with keeping it prepared to face those conditions. This system was created during 1980s and is mostly followed in United Sates as of now. Under this system around 5815 umber of hospital are being registered who are effectively putting efforts to get ready for the untoward situation. The work is written in Microsoft word with incite references and follows APA style of referencing.

Reference no: EM131269755

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