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Show the list the organizations that actively promote project management, such as CompTIA and PRINCE2. Select two of the organizations and then describe the industry or market it serves, the scope of its membership, and the services it provides its members.

I thought of US Military or companies such as HP, Nationwide Insurance or other business organizations but I am unclear as if they are asking for those type of organization or organizations such as 4PM, PMI, etc.

Reference no: EM1345593

Critical analysis of a project management plan

Assignment - Case study report. TOPIC: Critical analysis of a Project Management Plan (PMP). 3000-4000 words approximately, exclusive of the executive summary, tables, figure

Evaluate these tools by using your criteria

Research at least 3 different Agile project management tools. Evaluate these tools by using your criteria. Provide a recommendation on a tool you wish to use, including a plan

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Mazda is about to introduce a new model and is currently in the market testing phase of the new product development process.- Describe two ways that Mazda might conduct initia

Explain project management body of knowledge

Write about the project which you have either managed or served as team member. It can be something which you have achieved at work or in your personal life.

Critical review of a current debate in project management

Critical review of a current debate in project management - A description of the two project management planning tools you selected, including a brief explanation of why you

Why is a joint venture often considered to be a partnership

What is a single tax advantage of a limited liability company?- Explain the difference between an LP and an LLP.- Why is a joint venture often considered to be a partnership?

Gun manufacturer liability case

Prepare an expert engineer argument for the court on why or why not the gun's manufacturer should be held responsible for a "defectively designed product." Limit to one-half

Prepare a project management plan

For all PM assignments, it is highly preferable that you use a project from your own workplace, or one for which you have knowledge about the background so that you can disc


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