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Show the list the organizations that actively promote project management, such as CompTIA and PRINCE2. Select two of the organizations and then describe the industry or market it serves, the scope of its membership, and the services it provides its members.

I thought of US Military or companies such as HP, Nationwide Insurance or other business organizations but I am unclear as if they are asking for those type of organization or organizations such as 4PM, PMI, etc.

Reference no: EM1345593

Project manager to gather data on the work

It is important for the project manager to gather data on the work that has already been executed in the project to compare the plan against what is actually happening.

Prepare a project report on national bank of abu dhabi

Prepare a project report on National Bank of Abu Dhabi in 8 chapter as per mentioned below: Chapter 1:- Introduction, Chapter 2:- Vision, Mission and value, a.NBAD Vision, b.N

Identify the company and summarize their scope of activities

Choose a web site specific to a contractor or supplier related to your field in PM. Identify the company and very briefly summarize their scope of activities. Note that ther

Hofstede and hall have identified various dimensions

Hofstede and Hall have identified various dimensions of culture. Identify 4 of these dimensions/characteristics and indicate how they can impact the behavior of group members

Explaining high-visibility project

In spite of their poor cost performance, why do you think these projects were supported to their conclusion? What would it take to kill a high-visibility project such as the

Determine the seasonal indexes and break the 2009 forecast

Determine the seasonal indexes and break the 2009 forecast in part (a) into its quarterly components.- Combining the quarterly bookings for each year, use exponential smoothi

What type of negative risk response strategy is this

The project manager decides to not upgrade to the new, unfamiliar operating system until the ongoing IT project is completed. What type of negative risk response strategy is

Create the project scope statement

You are the project manager for your organization and are working with your project team to create the project scope statement. Part of the scope statement is to define the co


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