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You have been tasked with implementing a mystery shopper program for your client, Designers4Less Unlimited, a specialty retailer that offers bargain buys on designer clothing for men and women. The store's inventory consists of overstock clothing from fine department stores, and carries three specific designer brands: Araboyi, an Italian designer specializing in men's dress suits; Channeleux, a women's suit designer, and ACBC, a contemporary, casual clothing line targeting young women aged 18-35.

Designers4Less Unlimited is considering adding two new designer clothing lines to its inventory, but first needs to evaluate if customers will be interested in these new lines. One of the best ways to evaluate a program is to observe and ask customers questions. A few weeks ago, the team came up with the idea to conduct the mystery shopping program. The goal of the mystery shopping program is to observe how customers shop for clothes.

Implementing steps to reflect change or a business solution is the final step of the creative process.

Reflect with your colleagues on how creative thinking can help with the implementation of this mystery shopping program and find out what the Designers4Less Unlimited customer thinks by discussing the following:

  • The goal of the program
  • 1 specific tactic in implementing the program
  • 1 challenge that may hinder the implementation phase of the program
  • 1 criterion for evaluating the program

Please provide all references 

Reference no: EM13563598

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