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This is narrative essay. Please check grammar and make it longer if you can.

My Grandmother

My grandmother died in 1998. It was winter and I am 11 years old. It is the first experience the death of a family member. It's a big shock because I was young. Through this experience, I totally realized that how people die and what their family should do the funeral even though I was young. One scene which my father was crying gave me enlightenment because it seems to implicate a regret that he might not carry out a duty as a son. It was my father`s first and last tears I have seen. The most important realization was that I need to accomplish filial duty during my parents are alive.

On a cold winter, my grandmother who runs a grocery store delivers the goods then falls on the icy road and hurt his head significantly. That evening, Grandma taken away to the emergency room and turn out a cerebral hemorrhage by the doctor. My family fell in shock to hear that news. We quickly went to the hospital during surgery; she was already in the operating room more than 8 hours and after surgery, we could see her look. Fortunately, she survived but from that time, she was speechless and bedridden, which people called “vegetative state”. It was beginning of her hospital life for 10 month. Since she was all numb, she cannot even do eating and evacuation herself. In order to take nutrition, she got the neck hole and takes the nutrients through a hose. Throat phlegm often occurred because of a hole and it needs to be removed by caregivers. Also, since she could not have a bowel movement herself, we had to change diapers often. During such repeated lives are continuously occurred, I could feel my father's piety. My father did not skip even a day to go to the hospital for caring for her. Of course, the hired caregivers were caring grandmother by our family but caring someone else who is not a family is difficult. 10 months later, they are no longer helpful in the hospital that they could not treat her disease and wanted us to take her home to stay. It means she has a short time to be alive. So, she began to stay at home.

In fact, I was not such the grandson who had a lot of charming. I did not go often to see grandmother when she was in the hospital. However, after she moved to the dwelling house, I often visited with my mother and sister. At first, I am just sitting beside her in bed and did not do anything. About a month passed, my grandmother's health had been deteriorated. Doctor said she had a few days left. I went to the grandmother`s house after I heard that news and cried for a long time beside her. Then, my behavior had been changed to her. I talk to her about my school life, friends, and concern even though she could not hear. I just wanted to become a charming grandson because she had a few days. I also massaged her legs and grabbed her hands because I wanted to feel her temperature for a few days. I was greatly regretted why I did not show affection to her when she was healthy. A few days later, when I came back home from school, I had got a call. It was my grandmother died. I was so beside myself I could not tell fact from fiction. Even the way to the funeral, I was in a panic.

It was first time to go to the funeral in my life. 11-year-old kid thought the Funeral Homes landscape was distracted rather than piety. Many people were coming as guests and they entered the room which is placed her picture and they bowed in front of the picture. Then, they go out. Since the crowded people, sadness was forgotten for a moment. In another area, her body in a coffin was moving into the truck. My father was behind the truck and he dressed in a black suit. He was crying. It looked sad more than anything in the world. After a while we all moved into place that buries the coffin. A moment that the coffin was burying, everybody including me began to cry. Watching the scene that the coffin was going to disappear was too sad. I could stop crying because I would not see her any more. So, my grandmother left me.

It passed 15 years, but I still cannot forget it. When the time that my parents become old comes, I would do my best to make them happy. I think making them happy is greatest filial piety. I don`t regret with my grandmother now because she gave me a big lesson that do your best to family while they are living. I certainly would practice this lesson and she will be remembered forever in my heart.

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