Measure- explore and characterize networking issues

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Title: The challenges they introduce to wireless sensor networks due to the required level of trustworthiness and the need to ensure the privacy and security of medical data.

Analyze- Undertake a substantive analysis/assessment of networking issues.

Measure- Empirically explore and characterize networking issues.

Innovate- Devise and analyze (and possibly implement) a new mechanism or technique.

Test- Take a result in the literature and undertake a thoughtful and meaningful reproduction of it to assess to what degree you obtain the same results, and why.

Research- Conduct a deep, thoughtful literature survey of a particular area. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the published results in the area, delimit the boundaries of the state of the art, identify themes and abstractions, frame avenues for future work.

The process:

This write up should reflect a solid grounding in the literature relevant for your project. For each item of previous related work, briefly discuss the contributions of the paper, its relevance, and in what way it is different from your work.

1. Write a two-page project proposal that clearly states the problem you will be tackling, the key challenges, and your plan of study. Mention any relevant papers/links you already aware of.

You need to use LaTeX to write your proposal. Submit all your LaTeX files along with the proposal's PDF file as a zip folder.

2. The final paper should be 10 pages.

Your final paper should be 10 pages long submit all your LaTeX files along with the proposal's PDF file as a zip folder.

Reference no: EM131230600

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