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Twenty randomly sampled people were asked to dial thirty telephone numbers each. The incidences of numbers misdialed by these people is as follow:

3 2 0 0 1 5 7 8 2 6
0 1 2 7 2 5 1 4 5 3

Enter the data and use the appropriate commands to find the mean, median, mode, sample standard deviation, population standard deviation, 10% trimmed mean, and data count.

Reference no: EM1388790

Creating confidence interval for mean by standard deviation

A random sample of 36 days yielded the average daily output of 890.2 tons, with standard deviation of 19.8 tons. Use this information to make a 95% confidence interval for m

Identification numbers to the patient files

Describe how you would attach identification numbers to the patient files; for example, how many digits (and which digits) would you use to indicate the first patient file?

Computing z test for population mean

Xerox Claims their copier is the same speed as Cannon's copier. The average speed of cannon's copier is 27 copies per minute. A test of 49 runs is done on the Xerox copier g

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Suppose that you wanted to study children who have Down syndrome.- How might you use cluster sampling to obtain a probability sample of children with Down syndrome in your sta

Example of a non-parametric test

In general, when the dependent variable is neither interval nor ratio in level of measurement -- i.e., is not numeric -- a nonparametric statistical test is required to test

Discuss what type of data the pearson formula can be used

Discuss how the statistical application of Pearson r is used for hypothesis testing.l Through application of the Spearman Correlation discuss what type of data the Pearson for

Predict the annual salaries of employees

A statistics student wants to predict the annual salaries of employees at one large company. He wants to know if he can use the number of years that someone has worked at th

Construct a 95 percent confidence interval

Of a random sample of 600 trucks at a bridge, 114 had bad signal lights. Construct a 95 percent confidence interval for the percentage of trucks that had bad signal lights.


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