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You set up an experiment in which host A blasts a 26 Megabyte file to host B through a single TCP Tahoe connection over a 1 Gigabit/sec Ethernet. B transmits no data. Neither host uses any IP or TCP options.

The maximum Ethernet payload size is 1500 bytes. With no options, the IP+TCP headers occupy exactly 40 bytes. This leaves a TCP maximum segment size (MSS) of 1,460 bytes, about 1/18,000 the size of the file. Which of the following statements are true (check all that apply):

Part 1: Host B can send TCP acknowledgements to host A, even though it has no data to send.

Part 2: The size of the flow control window in segments B sends (the window field) can't increase throughout the duration of the connection.

Part 3: Suppose that the last RTT sample at host A is 10 msec. The current value of the RTT estimate must be greater than or equal to 10 msec.

Part 4: If the user temporarily stops or suspends the process receiving the data on host B, host A will eventually stop sending new data until B's receiver process is resumed.

Describe each and every part in depth with examples.

Reference no: EM13705173

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