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It is clear that all large brands have resemblances and distinctions in their positioning strategies. Ries and Trout (1980) that the most popular brands capture a distinct image in the customer's mind.

Urdeand Koch (2014) defend that positioning could bemarket-oriented or brand-oriented, based on an outside-in approach for market-oriented positioning which considers brand image as its point of departure and brand-oriented positioning as an inside-out approach that credits brand identityas its point of departure.

What approaches from the above, closely match the positioning strategy that Adidas uses?

Ries, A., and Trout, J, (1980) ‘Positioning the Battle for Your Mind', New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company.

Urde, M., & C. Koch, (2014) 'Market and brand-oriented schools of positioning', Journal Of Product & Brand Management, 23(7), pp. 478-491.

Reference no: EM131299390

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